Low Calorie Sugar / Sugar Sorghum 220 gr for Diet and Diabetes

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Shorgum Tambiyaku is a cereal plant that grows in Kalimantan.

Processed with food health standards and produces derivative products that are suitable for consumption for diabetes, complacency and ideal body formation

Why Sorghum?

1. Complex Carbs

2. Low Glycemic Index

3. High in Protein

4. Rich in Fiber

5. Gluten Free

6. Non-GMO

Sorghum sugar is produced from processing sorghum stalks with the juice taken. This sap water is then cooked, until it finally goes through the crystallization process so that it solidifies and becomes small and fine granules.

Sorghum sugar has a low glycemic index or is good for people with diabetes to consume.

Sorghum sugar is brownish red in color. This is because sorghum sugar does not go through the bleaching process. The main advantage of sorghum sugar is that it does not cause toothache, and does not cause an increase in blood sugar and calories, so sorghum sugar is good for diabetics and lose weight.

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