Low Calorie Rice/Sorghum Rice 500 gr/Low GI For Diet & Diabetes

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Shorgum Tambiyaku is a cereal plant that grows in Kalimantan.

Processed with food health standards and produces derivative products that are suitable for consumption for diabetes, complacency and ideal body formation

Why Sorghum?

1. Complex Carbs

2. Low Glycemic Index

3. High in Protein

4. Rich in Fiber

5. Gluten Free

6. Non-GMO

Tambiyaku sorghum rice

Sorghum rice is made from the sorghum plant, which is a versatile plant. The characteristics of this plant are hardy in the environment, minimal fertilization and resistant to pests and diseases. Sorghum rice is in line with Quinoa, Millet and Syirataki rice, but with a relatively cheaper price and is a local Indonesian product.

Sorghum is a source of carbohydrates, protein, potassium, iron and other minerals that are beneficial to the body. Contains no gluten, no genetic modification (Non GMO), low glycemic and low calories.

There are many advantages of Sorghum Rice. And when compared to rice (rice), sorghum is claimed to be superior in terms of nutrition, protein content, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin B1. Sorghum is also quite ideal as a meal when dieting. Because it can provide a longer feeling of fullness because of its high fiber content,


1. Digestive Health

2. Heart Health

3. Prevents Cancer

4. Controls Diabetes

5. Controls Celiac

6. Bone Health

7. Development of Red Blood Cells

8. Energy Stability

9. Thyroid Health

10. Improve Cognitive Power 

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